Gorumara National Park


You cannot afford to miss Gorumara on your trip to Dooars. Located on the flood plains of Murti and Jaldhaka rivers, the Gorumara National Park offers a large variety of flora and fauna. The grassland of Gorumara is famous for Asiatic one-horned rhino. In view of its great diversity of plants and animals it was delared a National Park in 1994 comprising a total area of 80 sq. km.

The forest area has come up as a tourist destination during the last decade. In recent years, there has been substantial increase in tourist arrival as well as infrastructure. Today the area around the forest has the largest concentration of tourist accommodation in Dooars. The number of Jungle safari options has also increased over the years.

While in Gorumara, tourists go inside the forests for Jungle safari. Sighting of wildlife is quite common. Elephants, Rhinos, Indian Bison (Gaur), Peacock, Deer are the most common sightings.
The forest safari is organised in special vehicles meant for the purpose. You must book your forest safari from the forest department and take an authorised guide along while visiting the watchtowers. Tresspassing is illegal and can be dengerous as well.

The scenic landscapes, magnificent forests, tall elephant grasses and rippling streams are added to the nature of this park. The main attractions are Rhinoceros, Elephant, Gaur, Leopard, Hornbill etc.

In and Around

Gorumara National Park is mostly visited by Nature Lovers and Bird Watchers who want to explore and feel the jungle by heart. And this only can be done by a Jeep safari in this National Park. While in Jeep Safari, wild animals often can be seen roaming and grazing nearby. Visitors are often get overwhelmed by wild animal like Tuskers, Cheetah, leopard, Bison, Peacock, Wild Pig, Spotted Dear, Python etc crossing the roads that leads to Gorumara Jungle Safari.

Gorumara National Park has many Watch Towers heavily visited by the tourists in season for having a spectacular view of the jungle and wild life nearby. The Watch Towers are :
Jatraprasad Watch Tower
Jatraprasad Watch Tower is the most popular and visited place in Gorumara National Park. Named after the famous pet elephant (KUNKI) of the forest department this Watch Tower was established. It is a two-tier watch tower that offers excellent view of the Dooars Jungle and wild life.

Rhino Observation Tower
The Rhino Observation Tower is located near the forest bungalow of Gorumara National Park. It has a small rhino view point from where one can get glimpses of the famous Asian One Horned Rhinos. There is a salt reservoir below the tower which offers very chances to see more wild life like Elephants, Bison, and One-Horned Rhinos.

Chandrachur Watch Tower / Khunia Watch Tower
Chandrachur Watch Tower is also known as Khunia Watch Tower. Chandrachur Watch Tower offers the best view of wild lives and certain part of Gorumara National Park. This watch tower specially built for watching wild Elephants and Indian Bisons.

Chukchuki Watch Tower
Located at the border end of Gorumara National Park, Chukchuki Watch Tower is a Paradise for Bird Watchers. Apart from local birds, a number of migratory birds can be seen from Chukchuki Watch Tower.

Medhla Watch Tower
Built by the bank of river Murti, This watchtower offers the best glimpses of the inner part of Gorumara National Park from where visitors can watch the Elephant herd crossing the river, wondering Rhinos, grazing Indian Bisons, Barking Deer etc. Mt. Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from Medhla Watch Tower on a sunny day.

Jhalung is located 45 kms from Gorumara National Park on the bank of river Jaldhaka. It’s a small township famous for its natural beauty and Jaldhaka Hydro electric project.

Bindu is 22 kms away from Jhalung and the last village of West Bengal in India and Bhutan border.

Samsing offers one of the best view of nature, tea gardens and forests.

Suntaleykhola is located on the bank of river Murti and few kms ahead of Samsing.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary
Chapramari forest in Western Dooars is famous for its abundance for Indian elephants. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary has only 9.6 sq. km covered area. It is located near the National Highway 31 A connecting North East with the rest of India and on the northern side of Gorurama National Park in the Nagrakata block of Jalpaiguri district and on the eastern block of river Murti.

Dhupjhora Elephant Camp ( Gachbari)
Dhupjhora in Dooars is situated on the south Gorumara forest range and on the western bank of Murti river. Dhupjora Elephant Camp popularly known as Gachbari or tree house is an unique concept of eco tourism by the forest department.

Kalipur Eco Village
Kalipur Eco Village is an another unique example for eco tourism in Dooars. Located at the heart of Gorumara National Park and on the upper reaches of the flood plains of Murti and Jaldhaka rivers, Kalipur Eco Village is enriched with abundant nature and wild lives.

Murti in Dooars is an ideal place to stay for sometime in the pristine beauty of the virgin forest. Murti village is located on the bank of river Murti cutting through the Gorumara National Park . Murti is just a few kms away from the main gate of Gorumara forest. Styaing in Murti is an unique experience.

Best Time

September to March is considered as best time to travel due to its pleasant weather.

How to Reach

By Air
Bagdogra is the nearest Airport (Siliguri to Bagdogra 13 km.)

By Rail
Nearest Railway Station is Madarihat only 7 kms from the Sanctuary. The park is accessible from the rail stations at Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, Koch Bihar from where one can hire a jeep / car through National Highway 31 to Lataguri, the gateway to the park.

By Road
National highway 31 which connects Siliguri and Guwahati passes through Lataguri (about 75km from Siliguri), Chalsa and Nagrakata near the park. North Bengal State Transport Corporation Buses, Bhutan Govt. Buses, Mini Buses and Private Buses are available from Siliguri to Alipurduar via Madarihat. The Routes are (a) Darjeeling-Siliguri-Jalpaiguri (via New Teesta Bridge) – Mainaguri-Dhupguri-Gairkata-Birpara-Madarihat (140 miles or 224 kms.) (b) Darjeeling- Siliguri- Sevoke- Bagrakote- Mal- Chalsa- Nagrakata- Binnaguri – Birpara – Madarihat (214 kms.). Journey time from Siliguri about 4 hours.

Stay / Eat

Where to Stay
Accommodations are also available in River Wood Forest Retreats, a 4 star resort overlooking the Gorumara national park and Murti River and at Gorumara Elephant Camp at Dhupjhora. One can stay in newly constructed cottages in the Kalipur village at the fringe of Gorumara built by the State Forest Department. There are many private resort at Lataguri and Ramsai.

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