Campbell Bay National Park


Campbell Bay National Park is the national park of India that is situated on the great Nicobar island that is the largest island of the Nicobar islands on the east of the Indian Ocean round about 190 Kms from Sumatra. This park was declared as the National park of India in 1992 forming the part of the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve.

The total area of this park is about 426 km² that has been separated by the small Galathea National Park that is about 12-km wide zone of buffer forests. Campbell Bay Park is situated on the largest island the Great Nicobar that is the largest island of the Nicobar Islands on the east of the Indian Ocean and about 190 km towards the north of Sumatra.

Campbell Bay National Park forms the part of Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve. The total area over which this park is located is more than 426 sq km that is on the north part of the Great Nicobar. The vegetation of this park includes the tropical evergreen forest, orchids, tree fern and fauna includes the Crab-eating macaque, megapode, giant robber crab and Nicobar pigeon.

In case any one wants to reach Campbell Bay park than he has to hire the Pawan Hans Helicopter service from port Blair. The other way to reach is the Inter Island Boat service that is available from Port Blair. This boat usually travels via Little Andaman, Nancowry enroute and Car Nicobar to Campbell Bay.

The Campbell Bay National Park, National Park has beautiful variety of the orchids and various flowering plants. During the spring season this area looks as awesome as all the flowring plants of this area are in full blossom. Due to the presence of different species of birds this area is also good for bird watching. There is the provision of the watch towers in the forest for the travelers from where they can watch various species of birds. This park is also famous for various animal species like Nicobar pigeon, giant robber crab, megopode and crab eating macaque.

In and Around

Saddle Peak National Park
An excellent place for bird watching. Also a place for experience nature.

Cellular Jail
The infamous jail where freedom fighters were incarcerated was built in 1906 by the British. Places to see what punishments were meted out and there is an artifact gallery and museum. There is a sound and light show in the evening. There is an entry fee.

Mahatma Gandhi National Park
In Wandoor beach, the open sea is the park and is spread over 280 sq. kms. and comprises of 15 islands. This is the place for snorkeling, scuba diving or travelling on glass bottomed boat. Permission is required to visit the park and can be obtained from the Conservator of Forest Office at Port Blair. There is an entry fee.

Mt. Harriet National Park
This is a tropical evergreen forest and is the home to many animals, birds and butterflies. The islands have more than 110 species of orchids. There is a trekking trail from Mt. Harriet to Kalapathar and the view of sunset from Mt. Harriet is simply wonderful. There is an entry fee to the park.

Ross Island
This place was the official administrative centre before Port Blair. Now, the place is being usurped by the jungle. The British had built churches, opera houses, covered market and clubs. A cemetery tells the story of people who died in the earthquake in the year 1941 which devastated the whole place. The Japanese had occupied this place during the Second World War.

Barren Island
The centre of the island is barren as the volcano on the island is active. The place is covered with sand, cinder, ash and rock. The periphery of the island is lush with rich vegetation. There are some places near the beach where the water is warm and steam arises in some places. Visitors are not allowed but there are boats for sightseeing that leaves for the island on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Havelock Island
The famed Radhanagar Beach, a crescent shaped beach is on this island. This is the nesting place of Oliver Ridley turtles. There are resorts on the island for which booking has to be made a day in advance at Port Blair. This island is full of rainforest and coconut trees. This beach has the world’s richest coral reef eco-system.

Saddle Peak National Park
This is on North Andaman and is the highest peak at an altitude of 732 metres above sea level. The beach has fascinating shells and fossils. There is a rain forest and a lovely place for trekking. Permit is required to visit this park.

Ross and Smith Island
These are twin islands in the northern part of the archipelago. The water is crystal clear and the beach is deserted. Snorkeling is one activity here. Permit is required to visit the island.

Swiftlet Caves
Swifltlets are found everywhere but in this place in the middle of the archipelago, there is a concentration of these birds. The nests are edible and are much sought after. Legend says that these birds are never seen on bushes, wires or anywhere and they keep flying even in sleep and come to the cave for breeding. The limestone caves are too steep and very high up. They nest on one wall and on the other wall, bats make it their territory.

Best Time

The best time to visit the Campbell Bay National Park is between March to October. During these months, the weather condition is soothing and more of all, one can enjoy visit inside the park with easy means.

How to Reach

By Air
The nearest airports are in Port Blair city in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chennai and Visakhapatnam cities in India.

By Rail
There is no railway station in Great Nicobar Island. Nearest railway station is Chennai Railway Station in Chennai city of Tamil Nadu, which is approximately 1,169 km (856.87 miles) away from the Island.

By Road
The Campbell Bay National Park is not connected by roads. Visitors can reach the sanctuary through ferries provided by authorities from Port Blair. The CBNP in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is approximately 514 km (319.38 miles) away from Port Blair in Andaman archipelago, 1,169 km (726.38 miles) away from Chennai and 1,640 km (1019 miles) away from Visakhapatnam cities in India.

Stay / Eat

Where to Stay
Accommodation is generally available in the capital town of Port Blair.

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