A city that boasts of an interesting mix of well-planned infrastructure and scenic landscapes; Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru, is the capital of Karnataka. A bustling IT hub, this vibrant city is known by many names – Silicon Valley of India, Garden City, Pub City and the Pensioner’s Paradise are just some of them. Call it what you may, Bangalore is a city sure to enthrall you with its multifaceted charm.

Bangalore undeniably woos the ardent traveller with a host of tourist attractions coupled with year-round pleasant climate. In spite of heavy industrialisation, the city has kept its heritage in perfect harmony with the evolving modernity. There are picturesque palaces, gardens, parks and boulevards in all parts of the city.

There is plenty to see and do within Bangalore itself, and it also serves as a good base to explore nearby tourist destinations like Koli Hills, Kalpetta, Bheemeshwari and Kabini.

Bangalore balances the old and the new in an incredibly good manner. As multinationals aim for the sky with spiralling workplaces all around Bangalore, some of the most beautiful gardens in the country and a monumental palace, which was once the summer retreat of the great warrior Tipu Sultan, adorn the city and add to the cultural heritage. Bangalore is also famous for its youthful vibe and pub culture. From interesting historical structures to the most modernistic lifestyle, Bangalore is fascinating, to say the least.

In and Around

Bangalore Palace
A scenic palace which bears striking resemblance to England’s Windsor Castle, Bangalore Palace is a scenic tourist hotspot with a majestic castle-like structure set amidst lush green environs. The huge palace grounds are used for organizing various types of events and musical shows, most of which include rock concerts. While you are here, don’t miss the immaculately designed interiors of the palace filled with magnificent paintings and stained glass windows. Photography is allowed within the premises so capture some of the greatness in your lens!

Lal Bagh Overview
Lal Bagh is the most famous tourist attraction in Bangalore and is spread out over 240 acres. The botanical garden was built in the 18th century during the reign of Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan. This enchanting garden has preserved some of the rarest species of flora and fauna and also houses a lake and a glasshouse. Flower shows held at Lal Bagh is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Tipu Sultan’s Palace
The grand summer palace of Tipu Sultan has now been converted into a museum, and it is a must-see attraction in Bangalore. Magnificent figures, paintings and other artwork adorn this palace. A unique feature of the palace is that it had been constructed using pure teak wood, something that is hard to find in today’s world.

Vidhan Soudha
This is one of the most important structures in Bangalore. The 46-metre tall imposing building comprises 300 rooms, each of which reflects the impressive Dravidian style of architecture. Housing 22 departments of the Government of Karnataka, Vidhan Soudha also happens to be one of the one of the largest legislative buildings and is a must-see tourist attraction in Bangalore.

Cubbon Park
This beautiful park showcases more than 6,000 species of trees and plants, along with famous statues and well-planned avenues spread out over an area of 300 acres. Cubbon Park is frequented by nature lovers as well as those who wish to explore the magnificent landscaping and architecture of this park situated right in the heart of Bangalore city.

Ever fancied being a pilot? Ever thought of soaring high in the sky in your own air-plane? Well, Flight4Fantasy is a unique attraction in Bangalore where you can fly a plane without sitting in one! Flight4Fantasy is the first and only flight simulation centre in India, providing an experience of virtual flying to non-pilots. Live the moment of flying in this flight simulator of a Boeing 737 with a life size cockpit where you are the captain. Fly to over 20,000 different airports choosing from the 30 minute or 60 minute simulations.

Wonderla Amusement Park
A world of splashing waters, ecstatic children and thrilling rides – Wonderla is truly the wonderland of fun and joy. Treat yourself and your children to a day of pure thrill and excitement at the Wonderla Amusement Park. The rides at the park are divided in terms of kids’ rides, water rides, dry rides and high thrill rides. You can purchase you tickets online; the park also offers special discounts for students. Try to get to the park early so that you don’t need to queue up for your favourite ride and if you plan to get on the water rides then it’s a good idea to carry a change of clothes.

Bannerghatta National Park
Situated in the middle of the forests in the valley of the famous Champakadhama hills, the Bannerghatta National Park, a rich natural zoological reserve, works towards conservation of wildlife and promotes responsible wildlife tourism. Located just 22 kilometres south of Bangalore, it takes roughly one and a half hours to get there. It’s one of the few natural parks in the world that preserves wildlife in such close proximity to a city. It comprises a zoo, safari, butterfly park and rescue center that carries out conservation and rehabilitation of orphaned animals. The animals of the park are provided with an ambience that allows them to live in harmony with nature.

ISKCON Sri Radha Krishnachandra Temple
The Radha Krishnachandra Temple in Bangalore has idols of Radha and Krishna and is one of the largest ISKCON temples in the world. Inaugurated in 1997, the temple promotes Vedic culture and spiritual learning. The temple attracts people from across the world and offers a truly peaceful experience to its visitors. Don’t miss the delicious prasadam distributed for free to all the visitors during the darshana hours. The temple also has a guesthouse and you can send the authorities an email in advance at for any queries.

Bangalore Turf Club
Bangalore Race Course is considered as one of the best and most challenging in the country. The race track with its demanding gradients and bends is known to test the skills of experienced horses as well as riders. It’s a pleasure to watch jockeys lead their steeds to victory on this course. The Bangalore Race Course provides stabling facilities for more than 1,000 horses, three training tracks, an equine swimming pool, training schools, walking rings, a veterinary hospital and an amateur riding school.

Ulsoor Lake
The beautiful Ulsoor Lake is spread over an area of 125 acres. It was constructed by Kempegowda II. Boating and swimming pool are the great attractions of the lake.

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium was founded in 1989, with an aim of spreading awareness among students and the public about astronomy. Two shows are held here daily except on Mondays.

Bull Temple
The Bull Temple or Dodda Basavana Gudi in Basavanagudi is devoted to Nandi Bull, the vahana or vehicle of Lord Shiva. Built in the 16th century in Dravidian style architecture, the temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore. The temple has one of the biggest idols of Nandi in granite – measuring about 15 feet in height and 20 feet in length.

Innovative Film City
Innovative Film City is a famous entertainment landmark in Bangalore and has been entertaining visitors since 2008. About 40 kilometres from the heart of Bangalore and spread across 50 acres of land, IFC is an entertainment hub with 27 different facilities ranging from an amphitheatre, an entertainment district, food courts and theme restaurants.

Shivasamudram Falls
The island town of Shivasamudra in Karnataka is where the River Kaveri after winding its way through the Deccan Plateau drops off to form beautiful twin waterfalls. The falls are located about 39 kilometres from Bangalore. You can also visit a number of ancient temples including Shivanasamuram and Somanathpur Temple, which are located around this region. This is also the site of the first hydro-electric power station in India. The best time to visit the waterfalls is between June and September as the water swells up during the monsoon making the falls look incredibly beautiful. But the weather is nice all year round.

Dodda Ganesha Temple
The Dodda Ganesha Temple, a popular landmark of Bangalore, is located just next to the Bull Temple close to Bugle Rock Park. The Ganesha idol here is 18 feet tall and 16 feet wide. The idol is decorated in different ways during the week and one of the most popular attractions is when idol is coated with butter (Benne Alankara). It is said that more than 100 kg of butter is needed to apply on the idol. The temple attracts many devotees from all over Bangalore.

Fun World
Located in the heart of Bangalore, Fun World is a theme park spread over a sprawling lush green area of 22 acres. A day at Fun World makes for a fun activity for all age groups as they offer entertainment and rides for adults as well as kids. Apart from rides like the Giant Wheel, Merry Go Round, Coloumbus and Tora Tora, Fun World also has a water park with more exciting rides. Some of these include the Amazing Cyclone, the Pendulum, Wave Pool and Water Slides. For those who don’t really feel like getting on any ride, there’s the lazy river. Another interesting feature of the Fun World is the Star City that has many electronic and semi-robotic games for children, and a 12-lane bowling alley. You can pick up quick bites from the small snack bar and juice corner.

Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple
The ancient Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a great example of the Indian rock-cut architecture. Believed to have been built around the 9th century, the temple was cut out of a monolithic rock. The deity in the main shrine is a Shivalinga. Apart from this, there is also Nandi sculpture in the front of the temple and a rare idol of Agni, the God of fire. Also known as Gavipuram Cave Temple, a fascinating characteristic of the temple are its mysterious stone discs in the forecourt and the precise planning that allows the sun to shine on shrine in certain time of the year.

Makar Sankranti, which is held in the middle of January every year, is a special day for the temple when thousands of devotees come here. This is the day when sunrays fall on the Sivalinga for one hour as it passes between the horns of Nandi. This proves how advanced the architecture and astronomy of the ancient sculptors was as they could craft the horns of the stone bull outside the temple in a way that the sun’s rays would pass through its horns and light up the Shivalinga inside the cave. The sun is supposed to illuminate the Shivalinga two times every year – from 13 to 16 January in late afternoons and from 26 November to 2 December. The temple is located at a distance of about 3 kilometres from the City Market and can be reached easily via buses, rickshaws or taxis.

Snow City
Snow City is one of the biggest and most popular snow parks in India. A favourite with kids and adults alike, it offers a memorable winter experience even as the temperatures soar in the rest of the city. The huge indoor park covers an area of 12,500 square feet filled with snow. Snow City offers exciting activities such as snow balling, mountain climbing, sliding, basketball and dancing. You will be provided with jackets, gloves, shoes and earplugs at the park itself, but it’s a good idea to carry your own socks along.

Sri Vani Science Park
The Sri Vani Science Park is a treasure trove of rare exotic plants and trees from different parts of the world and was built with the objective of making learning a fun and interesting exercise for children. The park spreads across four-and-a-half acres on Magadi Road in Bangalore and is a beautiful venue to relax amidst lush green surroundings. It also has huge installations of pre-historic animals. Some of the other attractions of this eco-friendly park include an open-air physics lab, a Geological and Physical Science Museum, a Rock Garden, a Biodiversity Park and a mini forest. The Rock Garden contains an 8.25-feet monolith wood fossil estimated to be 20 million years old.The Dhanavantri Park inside has a collection of over 80 medicinal plants.

Shivasamudram Falls
The island town of Shivasamudra in Karnataka is where the River Kaveri after winding its way through the Deccan Plateau drops off to form beautiful twin waterfalls. The falls are located about 39 kilometres from Bangalore. You can also visit a number of ancient temples including Shivanasamuram and Somanathpur Temple, which are located around this region. This is also the site of the first hydro-electric power station in India. The best time to visit the waterfalls is between June and September as the water swells up during the monsoon making the falls look incredibly beautiful. But the weather is nice all year round.

A beautiful mountainous destination, Chikmagalur is the first district to have cultivated coffee in India. Situated in south-west Karnataka, Chikmagalur has Mullayanagiri, the highest peak in the state. It also has rivers like Tunga and Bhadra that have their sources in the mountains here. A delight for everyone, Chikmagalur has hill stations, waterfalls, historical temples and wildlife sanctuaries. It is also called Chikkamagaluru, meaning ‘The town of the younger daughter’ in Kannada. The town gets its name from the belief that it was given as a dowry to the younger daughter of Rukmangada, the famous chief of Sakrepatna. Chikmagalur is about 240 kilometres from Bangalore and can be reached by train or by bus. The nearest railway station is to Chikmagalur is Kadur. From Bangalore it would take about three hours to reach Kadur and from there it would take another 45 minutes by bus or taxi. The bus journey takes about 5.5 hours.

Grover Vineyards
40 kilometers towards north of Bangalore, on the foothills of the Nandi Hills, lies a rich wine producing area, which was once known as Tipu Sultan’s and later, the British summer retreat. Spread over 410 acres, covered with lush grapes, this is a picturesque region dotted with sloping green hillsides and miles of forestland, inhabited with amazing wildlife. The vineyards flourish with Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The temperatures in this area vary from 23°-29° C in summers and 11°-21° C in winters. With moderate rain, sunny days and cool nights the place has a unique temperate microclimate. One of the best times to visit is during crushing and harvesting season between February and March.

Made up of two hills, Karigudda (Black Hill) and Biligudda (White Hill), Savandurga is supposed to be the highest monolith in Asia. About 33 kilometres from Bangalore, off the Magadi Road, this hill rises 1,226 meters above sea level. The area is surrounded by a thick forest of scrubs and dry deciduous vegetation. Savandurga is a popular pilgrimage center with the Veerbhadraswamy Temple and the Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple at the foothills and Biligudda, a small shrine to Nandi, Lord Shiva’s sacred bull, located at the top of the hill. Trekkers frequent this place for the two main trekking trails going towards Savanadurga. One is the Karigudda and the other is the Biligudda trail. While Biligudda is easier to climb with a well-marked out trail, Karigudda is tougher and less explored and involves the use of good rock climbing equipment. The Manchanabele Dam nearby is a great place for a gorgeous view of the Savanadurga Hill. It also other adventure opportunities like camping, especially close to the reservoir, which is a great place for water sports. You can reach Savandurga by bus from Bangalore in about 2.5 hours.

Lumbini Gardens
This is a beautiful water-front park stretches across 1.5 kilometres along the Nagavara Lake and offers multiple attractions to its visitors. It’s a great place to spend time with the entire family and try different leisure activities including boat rides. In addition to natural beauty, diverse plant species, and well-groomed lawns, the park also has a wave pool and an artificial beach. After indulging an array of entertainment activities you can go grab a bite at the food court, which serves multiple options for all palates.

Venkatappa Art Gallery and Government Museum
A must-visit for all art and history lovers, the government museum in Bangalore established in 1865, is one of the oldest in the country. Many of the relics found in the museum are as much as 5,000 years old.

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum
The Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM) is more like a Science Centre because it has interactive exhibits unlike the usual stationary models of a museum. Each floor of this museum is dedicated to a scientific discipline. The first floor has the ‘Fun Science Gallery’ that displays exhibits on sciences of sound, optics, fluids, math and perception. The ‘Engine Hall’ exhibits engines of automobiles, industrial machines, a jet aircraft engine, and other mechanical devices. Similarly, there is an ‘Electro Technic Gallery’ that contains interactive electrical exhibits that work on the basic principles of electricity, electronics and communication. The ‘Space Gallery’ is about rocket science and the history of space exploration. The museum also has a 3D theater, which uses technology from LightSpeed, USA. The theatre shows fascinating films on deep sea diving and the brain using 3D effects.

Best Time

Bangalore enjoys moderate climate throughout the year and one can visit this magnificent city at any time of the year with utmost ease. However, the months between September and February see the highest tourist inflow to the city because the weather becomes even more pleasant during the winter season.

How to Reach

By Air
Bangalore is extremely well-connected by regular flights from Delhi, Mumbai and most other important cities in India and also has international carriers flowing in and out of the Bengaluru International Airport, which is located about 40 kilometres from the main city. A taxi from the airport would take about 45 minutes to reach the city.

By Rail
Bangalore has two important railway stations – Bengaluru City Railway Station and Yeswantpur Junction. Both railway stations have regular trains running from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and other major cities. For travelling within Bangalore, there is Namma Metro (with limited connectivity), which is an intra-city rail network set up by the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation.

By Bus
Bangalore is well-connected by a network of buses from cities like Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Coimbatore and Mangalore. The options range from regular buses to air-conditioned, Volvo and sleeper coaches. While some of the buses are run by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, there are also a number of private bus operators who run inter-city buses to and from Bangalore.

By Road
You can hire a cab or drive yourself to Bangalore from nearby cities. Driving to Bangalore is quite a delight thanks to the magnificent roads, excellent climate and beautiful countryside.

Stay / Eat

Where to Stay
Howard Johnson Bengaluru Hebbal
132, Thanisandra Main Road,
Near Manyata Embassy Business Park,
Nagawara Junction, Hebbal,
Bangalore , Karnataka,560077

Le Meridien Bangalore
Opp Golf Club, Sankey Road ,
Bangalore , Karnataka,560052

The Pride – Bangalore
93 Richmond Road, Richmond Road ,
Bangalore , Karnataka

Where to Eat
Grasshopper Restaurant
45, Kalena Agrahara,
Bannerghatta Road

Caperberry Restaurant
48/1, Ground Floor, The Estate,
No 121, Dickenson Road

Oko Restaurant
6th Floor, The Lalit Ashok,
Kumara Park

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