Mount Harriet National Park


Spread over an area of about 47 sq kms, the Mount Harriet National park is found in the district of Andaman and it was set up as a national park in the year 1979, with location at a distance of 20 kms from the capital town of port blair. This town is also the nearest airport from the national park.

Mount Harriet served as the headquarters for the british Chief Commissioner during the summer months. From the high point of the national park, the visuals are seen in the surrounding regions quite clearly.

Most of the people coming to the Mount Harriet Park go for the trek up to madhuban, which is a natural trek and is famous. Along this trail, a large number of birds, butterflies and variegated animals can be seen, providing an exotic experience for the guests who come to the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Before the commencing of the trek, permission is needed from the Chief Wildlife Warden located in Haddo. If tourists are wishing to stay overnight in the Mount Harriet park, they need permission from the warden.

There is a national park in Mount Harriet towards its northern side, where a wildlife tour is possible for the tourists. In the national park, tourists can have a sight of large elephants that are being trained for carrying large logs. A ferry or taxi can be availed from the Chatnam Wharf to the Bamboo flat, where beautiful views of the natural sights of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is possible.

In and Around

One can visit Madhuban from Mount Harriet by trekking through the jungle approximately covering 16 Kms. Exotic endemic birds, butterflies are interesting sights of this wilderness trek. Incidentally, the three points i.e. Mount Harriet and North Bay on the north of Port Blair and Ross Island on the east of Port Blair is the natural gateway for ships entering to berth at the Haddo and Chatham Wharf and Phoenix Bay Jetty.

The national park is well known for the aboriginal animal life and for the large expanses of green forest of the tropical nature. Fauna that is common and known in the region consists of Andaman wild pig, saltwater crocodile, robber crab and turtles. Elephants are trained for picking up and carrying logs in a region called madhuban nearby. For those interested in birdwatching, the forest guesthouse on the Mount Harriet top is an interesting place.

Best Time

Best time to visit this park is from January to March.

How to Reach

By Air
Nearest airport is Port Blair

By Rail
There is no Rail connectivity.

By Road
From the Andaman Teal House, regular buses can be boarded to reach the Mount Harriet National Park. Also, vehicle ferry service can be taken from the Chatham Jetty towards the Bamboo flat, on the port blair side. The cost of ferry per person is charged at Rs 4, while it takes about 20 minutes to travel up to the national park in the ferry. 10 minutes is the time for traveling from Bamboo flat Jetty towards the Check Post, which is about 7 kms distance and from the check post to the mount Harriet park is about 3 kms. Inside the forest is located the check post, which is reached by climbing the hills and going through various U turns.

Stay / Eat

Where to Stay
At Mount Harriet, there is a Forest Guest House where tourists can take rest and refresh themselves.

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