Manikaran, located at an altitude of 1737 m, is a famous pilgrimage centre for both Sikhs and Hindus, situated 45 km from Kullu, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The name ‘Manikaran’ refers to jewel. According to a legend, Goddess Parvati, wife of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, lost a precious jewel in a water body in this region. When Parvati asked Shiva to look for it, He asked His followers to hunt for it. When they were unable to find the jewel, Shiva flew into a rage an opened his third eye. This action caused disruption in the earth which led to the creation of innumerable precious stones and jewels.

In and Around

Sri Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara
This Gurudwara is mentioned in the ‘Twelfth Guru Khalsa’ by Giani Gian Sikh. A highly revered center for worship amongst Sikhs, this Gurudwara is believed to have been visited by the Guru Nanak with his five disciples. This Gurudwara is also mentioned in the ‘Twelfth Guru Khalsa’ by Giani Gian Sikh, making it a worship place of immense significance for the Sikhs. The langar here is very big and it serves free food to disciples and the needy.

Harindar Mountain & Parvati River
Harindar Mountain & Parvati River, located at Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh, attracts numerous tourists throughout the year. The snow-capped Harinder Mountain and its lush green valley together add to the beauty of Manikaran.

Kulant Pith
Kulant Pith, situated at Vishnu Kund in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is amongst the most superior piths in the country. According to the folklore, Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity of destruction resided here. As a reason, this place attracts numerous pilgrims.This pith has a tank containing holy water, which is believed is capable of conceding salvation to devotees.

Narada, a divine sage of the Vaishnava community, stated that with the power of the eyes of Lord Shankara believers can be free from anger and evil. It is also believed that the devotees who eat the food cooked in the boiling water a get place in Vishnu Lok, the dwelling of Lord Vishnu; the Hindu deity of preservation.

Hot springs
The most popular tourist destination in Manikaran is the hot springs, one situated at the Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara and another in the River Parvati.The hot spring located on the banks of the Parvati River is also a popular tourist attraction. After numerous researches and experiments, it was found that the water of the springs contains radioactive minerals and natural uranium.

Lord Shiva Temple
Temple of Lord Shiva is an ancient shrine located at Manikaran in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Shiva along with Brahma, the Hindu god of creation, and Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation forms the Hindu triumvirate or Trimurti. This temple became tilted after an earthquake in 1905 that measured 8.0 on the Richter scale. People believe that deities from the Kullu Valley visit this temple every year. The temple, thus, attracts numerous Hindus, apart from tourists, throughout the year.

The place is well known for its hot springs. Its water contains medicinal property. Another 2 Km from Khirganga lies Mantalai which is a scenic spot.

Lord Ramchandra Temple
Constructed by Raja Jagat Singh in the 17th century, is a popular tourist destination situated at Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh. According to a legend, this temple was shifted from Ayodhya to Manikaran by Lord Ramachandra, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and the king of Ayodhya.The history of this temple can be found written on one of the stones of its walls, which is now illegible. The renovation of the temple was done by Raja Dilip Singh in the year 1889 and currently it is looked after by a trust. The temple has three halls and forty rooms for visitors in its complex.

Kasol to Pulga is a challenging trek of 16 km and climb of a nearly 1600 meters.

Chandrakhani Pass
It lies east of Katrain. After a stiff climb from Kasol, the whole area looks wonderfully striking and colourful when the flowers blossom.

Malana Village
Beyond the beautiful Chandra Khani Pass lies an unique village Malana which is famous for its distinct culture and the temple of Jamlu devta.

This is a vantage point for a complete panorama of the Kulla area. It provides an encompassing view of snow peaks and valleys, meadows and forests, rivers and streams. Bifurcating from Aut from the National Highway, Shoja is just 5 km short from Jallori Pass. A walk of 5 km from the Pass takes you to the Sarolsar Lake among deep forest. The road further to JallorI Pass connects to Rampur, Narkanda and Shimla via Ani and Luhri.

Best Time

Manikaran enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. Best time to visit Manikaran is from March to May.

How to Reach

By Air
The nearest airport to Manikaran is Bhuntar airport, which is at a distance of 9 km from the city center of Kullu and 35 km from Manikaran. This airport is connected by domestic flights to Delhi, Chandigarh and Shimla. Paid taxi service from airport to Manikaran is also available.

By Rail
The nearest Railway Station is JoginderNaggar which is on Pathankot-Mandi Route. The narrow gauge train runs here and is 145 km. from Manikaran Sahib. On Chandigarh route the nearest Railway Station is Kiratpur which is 225 km. from Manikaran.

By Road
If one is not pressed for time, to travel by a car is most enjoyable. This route offers much that is interesting and picturesque. To reach the Manikaran valley one has to follow the National highway -21 and drop at Bhuntar which is 36 km. from Manikaran Sahib. It is 12 hours journey from Delhi to Bhuntar and thereafter it is around 1.5 to 2 hours drive to Gurudwara Sahib Manikaran. The direct regular buses are also available from Delhi. Chandigarh, Dehradun , Amritsar and Ludhiana.

Stay / Eat

Where to Stay
Royal Palace Hotel
Gohaj, Near Kasol,
Manikaran, India

Sandhya Kasol
Near Manikaran, Dist Kullu,
Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175105

Where to Eat
There are many stalls and restaurants that serve good North Indian dishes. Most restaurants also offer Chinese, Punjabi and South Indian dishes. Some restaurants attached to the luxury hotels also serve Italian and Continental dishes.

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